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Energy Clearing is a transformative healing modality to release stress at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It restores balance to all areas of life, and brings about joy, happiness, and peace of mind in daily life.

Energy Clearing is based on the ancient spiritual principles of Chinese medicine.










Personal Energy Clearing

Personal Energy Clearing


Have you ever met somebody new and instantly felt a natural sense of ease around them? Or you met somebody and immediately felt stressed for no reason whatsoever. Our thoughts and feelings are affected by the subtle energy of the people we interact with everyday. We are also affected by our own stress, lingering from difficult life experiences from the past.


Personal Energy Clearing is a gentle but powerful way that releases the old stress from your past, that you may still be carrying within your system, and also helps you to manage any new stress around you. Many people experience immediate shifts in their energy during a clearing. And significant changes often take place in the days and weeks afterwards.

Benefits of Personal Energy Clearing:

1. Increase joy & vitality, and reduce stress

2. Bring your energy into balance

3. Create a breakthrough in your career & relationships

4. Release the tension around past experiences

5. Move beyond limitations which make you feel stuck in life

6. Bring a sense of peace and new possibilities in your life

Personal Energy Clearing sessions are done by Skype/Zoom or in-person.


Remote session (Skype/Zoom) / In-person session - SG$ 300

Space Energy Clearing

Space Energy Clearing

Have you ever walked into a room and it just felt off for some unknown reason? You just wanted to turn around and leave, but you couldn't explain why? We are all influenced by the subtle energy of the environments we move through everyday. Our thoughts and emotions are affected by all the places that we inhabit.


When stressful energy is held in your home or office, it can drain your own energy, and keep you stuck in life. In any environment, there can be an energetic residue remaining from the experiences of the previous occupants. And also your own stress could also have built-up there. Both of these affect how you feel there.

Space Energy Clearing releases stagnant or stressed energy from your home or office, and creates a healthy & vibrant flow of nourishing life-force throughout your environment, that supports your happiness and success in life. It can give you more energy, release what has been keeping you stuck, and create new possibilities for your life.


Benefits of Space Energy Clearing:

1. Support for health and vitality

2. Overcome lack of energy, tiredness, or insomnia

3. Create a breakthrough in a current problem

4. Stimulate business success

5. More easily sell your home

6. Release the tension around any unhappy or traumatic experience in the space

7. Address any ghosts or spirits that won’t move on

8. Create a sacred space for your spiritual growth.

Space Energy Clearing sessions are done by Skype/Zoom or in-person.

A Space Energy Clearing session includes Personal Energy Clearing sessions for all the home or office occupants.


Remote session (Skype/Zoom) / In-person session - SG$ 300 per hour (3-4 hours)


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About Nitin

After discovering Energy Clearing with Jean Haner, I found a holistic healing modality which addresses all aspects of life. Happiness and a new sense of peace started to dawn in my daily life, and I also started to experience a profound shift in my own spiritual growth. And more importantly, it all happened so gently and effortlessly!

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I am passionate about sharing the knowledge of Energy Clearing, and to make a difference in other people’s lives. And I use this gentle yet powerful energy work to help people to live with joy, happiness and peace of mind, fully in alignment with their true calling.

I am a professionally certified Clear Home Clear Heart Energy Clearing practitioner:


I work with clients locally in Singapore and international clients remotely. For in-person Personal Energy Clearing and Space Energy Clearing sessions, I can travel to client locations within south-east Asia, India, and Australia.

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